The First Month

The day finally came. I was prescribed those tiny, little orange pills. Aviane. Excitement filled me, I thought of myself as more of a grown adult. Someone who is being sent away to college soon and needed to protect herself. Everyone should know why ladies take birth control, so i’ll cut straight to the chase.

Let’s get the point. MY BIRTH CONTROL made me into a whack job. This has been almost my first month taking my BC and I have been more irritable, depressed, and angry. (Just to name a few.) I used to be this happy, very motivated, lovable girl and now I am the complete opposite! To make things ten times worse, It’s Christmas break and I am literally about to break. I’ve been incredibly snippy at my boyfriend. He could do the slightest thing and I would be infused with anger. Not just the regular OMG you broke my necklace anger, but the you just killed my brother anger. I would become angry over NOTHING, I mean nothing. The other day I was driving my boyfriend and I to his house, which is probably a 5 minute drive. Halfway there I just tuned out, and felt this rage coming through me. It wasn’t a rage of anger it was a rage of depression and emotional unstableness. I just wanted to cry for no reason at all. My boyfriend and I could never be separated, we would always be with each other and would never argue. After I started taking BC, it yet again was the complete opposite. I can’t even look at him without feeling angry. I don’t know what to do with myself. My mother, father, brother, and boyfriend has noticed this incredible mood change from me. Yes, I’ve had my amount of mood swings, but never anything like this or to this extent. This is BIZARRE. Now that I am excepting that fact that I am the way I am now (which before I denied the way I was acting), I am trying to help myself for the better. I will be calling my OB GYN office tomorrow and talk to my doctor about some way to stop all of this madness. I am going to start running everyday like I used to. Become this happy person I once was.


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